Are Maine Coons Smart?

Asking if are Maine coons smart? While Maine Coons are not the smartest cats in the world, they are certainly more intelligent than many average household cats. It is important to note, however, that intelligence can vary drastically amongst individual cats.

There are certain Maine Coon cats that could be considered not very bright; there are indeed many regular cats that are considered genius. Genetics come into play here, as well as how much time the cat had to learn from its mother.

An interesting thing to note is that many of the world’s most intelligent cat breeds are considered to be “dog-like.” The smarter the cat, the more canine traits they seem to have.

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Maine Coon Cats Can Learn Tricks

Are Maine Coons smart than regular cats?

One of the reasons Maine Coons are so popular is because of their ability to learn tricks. This quality made them very popular in the early days when people would pay good money at cat shows.

Today, many owners can teach their Maine Coon how to roll over, give a high five, or even close a door at their command. All it takes is patience and perseverance – they’re still cats and can be stubborn.

Maine Coons Can Walk On a Leash

“I need to walk my cat,” might sound like a made-up excuse to get out of something, but with Maine Coons, it very well could become a reality. These gentle giants are very curious and love to explore the outdoors. If you get them used to walking on a leash when they are kittens, they will learn to love it.

Contrary to the stereotypical cat that hates water or anything wet, Maine Coons are known for loving water. Their fur is somewhat water resistant, keeping them dry and preventing them from getting too cold. Maine Coons are great swimmers and enjoy playing with water in the house, such as splashing in a bowl or sink.

Due to their intelligence, keeping these cats out of the water can be challenging if they feel so inclined. They can learn to turn on a faucet, open doors, and find their way into anything.

Maine Coons Make Good Therapy Pets

Maine Coons are not only intelligent, but they are also empathetic. Their emotional intelligence is uncanny, almost as if they can sense your emotions. Because of this, they make amazing emotional support cats.

These cats visit rehab centers, nursing homes, and children’s hospitals. Their job is simple; to bring people joy and comfort. The affectionate, social nature of the Maine Coon makes them the perfect fit for this kitty career.

Maine Coons Can Be Easily Bored

One of the most prominent signs of intelligence is boredom. This is true for cats as well as humans. Maine Coons are often not easily entertained by basic cat toys and require more mental stimulation to hold their attention. Puzzles, games, and motorized toys are good options for a restless Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Cats Can Play Fetch

Once you discover the thrill of teaching your Maine Coon some tricks, it’s only natural that “Fetch!” will be added to the list. Fetch is one of the most popular tricks to try and teach a cat, and the payoff is super fun. Teaching your Maine Coon to play fetch is a great way to give them both physical and mental exercise

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