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Black And White Maine Coon Personality

The black and white Maine Coon is less well known than the black or brown tabby Maine Coons, but not nearly as rare as a smoke, silver, or gold Maine Coon cat.

Black and white Maine Coons have a solid base of black coloration, overlaid by a white spotting gene. Maine Coons can have different degrees of white spotting, ranging from mostly black to mostly white. The most popular type of these is the tuxedo pattern, which is mostly black with a bit of white on the belly, paws, chest, and chin.

Still, the black and white Maine coon kitten color combination is fascinating to look at, and each black and white Maine Coon is truly unique!

Many people fail to see the beauty of a black and white cat and disregard the pattern as common, but a black and white Maine Coon can look especially unique and elegant.

Read on to find out all sorts of fascinating Maine Coon facts, so you can learn exactly what causes the gorgeous black and white coloration.

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The Black And White Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is an enormous cat breed that originated naturally in the state of Maine.

Today, they are popular throughout the world, and their long, thick fur comes in over 75 different combinations of colors and patterns! View Maine Coon colors.

The black and white Maine Coon is, sadly, often ignored in favor of more rare colorations, such as the gold smoke or silver shell Maine Coon cat.

However, a full-grown black and white Maine coon kitten can look just as unique and stunning as any other Maine Coon.

So, what is a black and white Maine Coon?

Well, it is a kind of bicolor Maine Coon.

Bicolor cats have a base coat of one color (which can be either solid or patterned), mixed with blotches of white.

Black and white bicolor Maine Coons have a solid black base with white spotting.

However, no two black and white Maine Coons will look exactly alike, because the amount of black and white present on each cat varies.

In fact, the amount of white spotting, also known as the degree of white spotting, varies in intensity.

Instead of occurring in random blotches throughout the body, however, it tends to begin at the paws, belly, and chest, and extend outward.

For example, a cat with very little white spotting may have a white spot on its chest and white paws, whereas a cat with a very high degree of white spotting may only have a black tail, forehead, and ears (this is known as a Van pattern).

The tuxedo Maine Coon is a popular black and white bicolor pattern where the cat is mostly black, except for some white on its chest, chin, paws, and belly.

Breeding bicolor cats can be difficult, as there is no way to know for sure what the white spotting will look like. However, breeders can make an educated guess based on a cat’s parents.

Any given cat can only have as much white spotting as its parents, or less.

So, a Maine Coon breeder (like these US breeders) can predict that breeding two tuxedo Maine Coons will result in a cat with a similar pattern, although it may still contain less white spotting than its parents.

Can A Maine Coon Cat Be black and white Maine coon kitten?

When you search for Maine Coons online, you are most likely to come across black or brown tabbies, or more exotic colorations like dilute calicos or silver smoke.

This might leave you wondering, are there black and white Maine Coons available for sale too?

The simple answer to this is that Maine Coons can be black and white, but only if they have a white spotting gene.

A Maine Coon cannot be a colorpoint, however, such as a Siamese or Ragdoll cat.

A black and white Maine Coon occurs when a cat has a base color of black and a white spotting gene.

Cats have two primary coat colors:

  • Black (caused by eumelanin)
  • Red (caused by pheomelanin)

These colors can range in hue and intensity through dilution. For example, a diluted black cat may be blue, chocolate, or fawn, among other colors.

When it comes to cat coat coloration, though, white is not actually a color like black and red. Instead, it is the absence of color.

White coloration occurs on top of a cat’s base coloration. It can occur in cats in a few different ways, such as:

  • Albinism
  • The colorpoint gene responsible for patterns in Siamese or Ragdolls, Ragdolls
  • Rare genetic mutations

The KIT gene is responsible for both white spotting and dominant white.

When this gene is partially inserted into the W locus, then it results in a dominant white cat or a completely white cat.

When the gene is fully inserted, however, it results in white spotting.

So, can a Maine Coon be black and white if its parents are not? In short, yes, but only if one parent is solid black and the other has white spotting.

For example, a solid black cat and an orange and white bicolor cat could produce black and white bicolor kittens (sources 1,2,3)

The subject of Maine Coon genetics is a fascinating, yet complicated one, so make sure you read our simplified guide to this large cat breeds genetics.

Black and White Maine Coon Kitten Price

Since black and white Maine Coons are not considered rare or difficult to breed, they cost about as much as the average Maine Coon cat.

Most black and white Maine Coons are priced between $1,000 and $2,500.

A baby black and white Maine Coon that is being sold as a pet, rather than as a breeding cat or show cat, will range between $1,000 and $2,500 while breeding cats and show cats will cost much more.

It is also possible to find retired adult Maine Coons, at a less expensive price, but these are more difficult to find.

This is how much a non-black and white Maine Coon kitten costs.

Black And White Maine Coon Personality

If you are considering getting a bicolor cat, then you will probably want to know about the black and white Maine Coon temperament, to make sure it is a good fit for you and your family.

The truth of the matter is that a cat’s coloration does not affect its personality in any way.

Below are the common Maine Coon breed personality traits:

1. Social

Maine Coons are friendly, social creatures that love hanging out with their owners.

While they are not clingy or demanding, they like to follow their people around from room to room.

They tend to become bored, lonely, and depressed if they do not get enough attention.

Therefore, it is a good idea to get your Maine Coon another cat or even a dog as a companion, especially if you spend a lot of time away from the house.

2. Cuddly

Maine Coons are incredibly loving, although a black and white Maine Coon male might be more likely to cuddle with you than a female.

This is because female cats tend to be a bit more active and wary, due to their natural maternal instincts.

Still, if you raise a young cat by cuddling it often and respecting its boundaries, any Maine Coon can end up being a cuddly lap cat!

3. Intelligent

The Maine Coon is one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world.

They easily learn tricks and commands, and can even be taught to:

Their intelligence means they may be more likely to get into mischief, though, so it is a good idea to thoroughly cat-proof your entire house, especially high places!

4. Playful

A black and white Maine Coon female is likely to be much more playful than a male.

This is because female cats have much stronger hunting instincts, so they can feed their young and teach them how to hunt on their own.

However, even male Maine Coons are still quite playful, and these cats love to pounce on anything that looks like prey, climb shelves or cat trees, and run and chase after their favorite toys.

Are Black And White Maine Coons Rare?

The black and white Maine Coon is not considered rare, but they are not especially common, either.

You are more likely to find solid or tabby cats than bicolor cats, but they are still much easier to find than rarer colors and patterns like:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Smoke
  • Shell

The bicolor pattern is found in a wide range of cat breeds, and it is even common among domestic shorthairs and longhairs, so it is not difficult for breeders to produce this particular coloration.

Tuxedo Maine Coons are especially popular, but it may be more difficult to find a cat with a certain degree of white spotting (source 1).

Why Are Black And White Cats Unpopular?

Sadly, as adorable as the fluffy black and white Maine Coon may look, this particular color pattern is not as popular as many others.

So, why are black and white Maine Coons so unpopular?

  • They Are Common: Black and white cats are quite common, and many people view them as boring or ordinary, especially because of the cliche of common black and white cats being named Oreo or Domino.
  • People Prefer Unique Colors: Many cat owners want their cat to look unique, or they want a cat that has rare colors. This is especially true of Maine Coons. Since these cats are so expensive already, many owners feel that, since they are paying so much for a cat, they may as well buy one with a unique coloration.
  • Superstition: Superstition has led many to believe that black cats are bad luck. Sadly, it seems this opinion has extended even to black and white cats, as it is estimated that 70% of cats in British animal shelters are either black or black and white.

Black and white Maine Coons are, unfortunately, rather unpopular, but these adorable cats still have a lot to offer!

If you are on the fence about getting a black and white Maine Coon, then here are some reasons why you should definitely get one:

a. They Are Cheaper

Since black and white Maine Coons are pretty common, they are a lot cheaper to purchase than the fancier colors and patterns.

While some owners are willing to pay an extra thousand dollars for a gold smoke or some equally rare pattern, you can save a lot by opting for a Maine Coon with a more common coloration.

b. They Are Actually Very Unique

Even though black and white cats are common, no two black and white Maine Coons look the same.

Since the degree of white spotting is so random, you can end up with cats that have unique markings that resemble shapes like hearts, stars, lightning bolts, and so much more.

Some cats even look like they are wearing a mustache!

c. Tuxedo Cats Are So Cute

Black and white cats that have just a bit of white fur on their chest, chin, paws, and belly are called tuxedo cats because it looks like they are wearing a little tuxedo.

This pattern is just so adorable on cats because it makes them look like a dignified little gentleman.

Plus, you can give your tuxedo cat a matching name, like James Bond or Alfred! (source 1).

Where To Find Black And White Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

If you want to find a black and white Maine Coon kitten, you will need to be incredibly careful.

Since Maine Coons are very popular, expensive cats, this has resulted in many scammers looking to make a quick buck out of the unsuspecting buyer.

For reference, most Maine Coons cost between $1,000 and $2,500, or more.

The reason Maine Coons cost so much is that they are expensive and difficult to raise. Breeders barely make any profit, and it is more of a hobby than a business for these pedigree breeders.

If you find a person selling Maine Coons for less than this, you should be wary, because they are likely cutting corners by not providing adequate housing or medical care.

Many irresponsible breeders sell Maine Coon mixes or even regular, non-pedigree cats, scamming their customers into thinking they are purchasing a purebred Maine Coon cat.

The best way to get a Maine Coon kitten is to find a breeder that has been registered with a governing cat body, such as:

  • Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)
  • The International Cat Association (TICA)

These associations set the standard for cat breeds, and they only give their seal of approval to breeders who are dedicated and responsible.

Furthermore, this is the only way to purchase a Maine Coon that you know is 100% purebred, as registered breeders provide all of the papers and documentation proving your cat’s pedigree.

Different Black And White Maine Coon Colors

The most common black and white Maine Coon is a solid black and white bicolor, but that is not the only kind of black and white Maine Coon you can find!

Here are the other kinds of black and white Maine Coons:

1. Shaded Black

Shaded Maine Coons have white fur with varying degrees of color on the tip of each hair.

For example, the black smoke Maine Coon has the highest degree of tipping, so while the bottom of each hair is white, about 75% of each hair is black.

This gives the cat a white undercoat so that its fur seems to change color depending on which way you look at them.

2. Black Tabby And White

It is also possible to have a black tabby Maine Coon with white spotting.

Black tabbies have black stripes, but the rest of their coat is either brown or gray, so people tend to call them brown tabbies or gray tabbies, rather than black tabbies.

3. Tricolor

Female Maine Coons can have both red and black coloration. When combined with white, you can get either a tortoiseshell and white cat or a calico, which is also known as a tricolor cat.

Black And White Maine Coon Names

If you have got a black and white Maine Coon, but you are afraid of naming it something unoriginal or cliches, then here are some Maine Coon cat names to consider:

  • Alfred
  • Bandit
  • Bowtie
  • Inkblot
  • Magpie
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Pepper
  • Squid
  • Sudoku

Black And White Maine Coon Cross

It is also possible to find a black and white Maine Coon mix.

Mixed Maine Coons have Maine Coon ancestry, but they are not fully Maine Coon.

While Maine Coons come in a huge array of colors and patterns, Maine Coon mixes can allow you to get colors and patterns not found in the breed.

For example, while Maine Coons can be solid black and white, they cannot be colorpoint black and white, such as a Siamese or Ragdoll.

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