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Blue Maine Coon Cat Complete Guide

The Blue Maine Coon Cat breed has become increasingly popular over the last few decades, due to their gentle personalities, and impressive majestic appearance. They are available in 75 different colors, including ‘blue’. Full grown blue Maine coon cat are extremely stunning, and far less rare than you would naturally assume them to be.

They have been bred in various different shades of blue/gray, but all shades are classified under the main color category of ‘blue’, by the Cat Fanciers Association.

If you haven’t yet seen a blue Maine Coon in real life, do not be put off by the negative connotations commonly associated with the word ‘blue’.

Whilst the color blue is often used to depict sadness or doom, and gloom (source 1), Blue Maine Coons definitely are nothing of the kind.

Instead, the blue Maine Coon cat looks:

  • Friendly
  • Entrancing
  • Mysterious
  • Majestic

The Maine Coon breed is also characteristically known for being loyal, loving, affectionate, highly intelligent, nonaggressive, and good with children, so you have nothing to fear.

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How To Identify A Blue Maine Coon Cat Or Maine Coon Cats With Blue Eyes

Just like the other Maine coon cats with blue eyes colors, the full grown blue Maine coon cat has many different color variants, ranging from blue smoke and blue cream to blue tabby. They are all forms of grey, which helps to explain why they are often confused for being ‘grey’, rather than ‘blue’

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, the blue Maine Coon is included within the following color categories:

  • Solid Color Class
  • All Other Tabby Color Class
  • All Other Tabby & White Colors and Color Classes (Including Vans)
  • Bi-Color Color Class (Including Vans)
  • Parti-Color Color Class
  • Parti-Color And White Color Class
  • Shaded And Smoke Color Class
  • Shaded/Smoke And White Color Class (Including Vans)

As you can see, the main classes are:

  • Solid
  • Tabby
  • Bi-color
  • Parti-color
  • Shaded

The Blue Color

In order to gain a true appreciation of the wide range of full grown blue Maine coon cat colorings available, we will now take a look at the specific color classes.

Take at the relevant criteria for each color class in greater detail (source 1):

1. Solid Color Class

If your Maine Coon has a solid blue coloring from their nose, to the tip of their tail, and blue nose and paw leather then they are likely to be a ‘solid blue Maine Coon’.

The Cat Fanciers Association identifies these cats as having green or gold eyes.

2. Blue Silver Tabby

The blue-silver tabby has deep blue markings that contrast extremely well with its ground color.

They have classic, mackerel or ticked patterns, with paw pads that are often rose-colored.

Their nose leather is an old rose, and they may have some white trim around their chin and lips.

3. Blue Silver Patched Tabby

The blue silver patched tabby is very similar to the blue silver tabby.

They have a classic, mackerel, ticked pattern, and deep blue markings mixed with cream patches.

Their white undercoat is very distinctive, as is their old rose-colored nose leather, and rose and/or pink paw pads.

This particular blue Maine Coon has a silver, pale ground color, with white trim around the chin/lips.

4. Blue Tabby

The blue-tabby can have white trim around their chin and lips.

Their fur has a classic, ticked, mackerel pattern.

They have very deep blue markings that contrast well with their pale bluish Ivory ground color.

With overtones of warm fawn or patina, rose paw pads, and old rose nose leather, it’s hard not to find the blue tabby incredibly beautiful.

5. Blue Patched Tabby

Similar to the blue tabby, with patches of cream.

6. Other Tabbies

There are two other Maine Coons listed in the Cat Fanciers Associations’ color classifications: tabby and white, and patched tabby and white.

Both have classic, mackerel, ticked patterns.

Same coloring as the tabby, or patched tabby, and permitted with or without white on their faces. Both colors have white on their bibs, all four paws, and bellies (source 1).

7. Blue And White

The blue and white Maine Coon is identified by its mixture of blue and white fur.

They have white on all four paws, bellies, and bibs, and some have white markings on their face.

8. Blue Cream

The blue cream Maine Coon looks blue, with cream patches or cream colors gently mixed through the fur.

9. Dilute Calico

The dilute calico is white, with patches of blue and cream and a predominantly white underpart.

10. Blue Cream And White

Often referred to as the blue-cream Maine Coon.

All four of their paws, plus their bib and belly will have white on them.

11. Chinchilla Blue Silver

Maine Coon colors such as the chinchilla blue silver are less common, so may be charged at a premium rate. They are included within the shaded and smoke color class.

They are extremely sought after, which is not surprising since their sparkling silver appearance really does make a wondrous impression.

They have a pure white chin, stomach, chest, and ear tufts, and their paw pads and nose leather are often colored rose.

Their eye rims, lips, and nose have a blue outline, and their back, flanks, head, and tail tend to be tipped with blue.

12. Other Shaded And Smoke Colors

Also included under the shaded and smoke color class, are the following Maine Coon color classifications:

  • Shaded Blue Silver
  • Shell Blue-Cream
  • Shaded Blue-Cream
  • Blue Smoke
  • Blue Cream Smoke

They all have a white undercoat, some of which are deeply tipped with blue. Their nose leather and paw pads range from blue to rose in color. Most hair ear tufts are white.

The ‘shaded blue silver‘ must have legs with the same tone as their face. The Cat Fanciers Association prefers the rims of their lips, eyes, and nose to be outlined in blue. 

The ‘shell blue cream‘ has a tail, back, and flanks tipped with blue and shades of cream. Some have a soft shading with tipping on their face and legs.

The ‘shaded blue cream is unique because they have blue and cream shading down its tail, face, and sides.

The ‘blue smoke‘ stands out in a crowd because they look ‘blue’ when resting. If you part their fur, a narrow band of white hairs is found next to the skin.

In particular, the ‘blue-cream smoke‘ coloring looks blue-cream whilst the cat is stationary. Their white undercoat only becomes evident whilst moving. If you part their fur you will find a narrow white band of color at the base of their hair shaft, next to the skin. 

13. Shaded Smoke And White Color Class

Some cats with this shade have white on their faces, others do not. Many have blue patches or shades of cream running through their fur.

All four of their paws tend to have white on them, as do the belly and bib.  The Dilute Calico Smoke has an undercoat that is mainly white.

Blue Maine Coon Price

If your heart is set on owning a stunning Maine coon cats with blue eyes kitten or cat, you might want to take a seat before continuing to read this article!


Because the simple truth of the matter is that pedigree Maine Coon cats are one of the most expensive cats breeds that you will ever buy. Here’s why! Purchasing a Maine Coon cat is a serious financial investment, setting you back anywhere between $400-$2500 (£325-£1623). See the latest Maine Coon kitten prices.

The price you pay will ultimately depend on the type of Maine Coon you are looking to buy, and the amount of certification that they come with. In general, you can expect Maine Coons with higher-quality genetics, relevant vaccination histories, approved certifications, and legitimate pedigree status’ to be charged at a premium rate. 

You can buy four different types of Maine Coon, including:

  • Maine Coon kitten
  • Maine Coon cat
  • Mixed Maine Coon kitten or cat
  • Breeding Maine Coon (non-neutered, non-spayed)
  • Show Maine Coon

The table below shows the average Maine coon cats with blue eyes price that you will pay, for each option:

Maine Coon
Purebred Kitten$1000£811
Purebred Cat$600£487
Show CatUp to $2500Up to £1952
Mixed Maine
Coon Kitten/Cat
Maine Coon Price By Type

Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

If you haven’t been put off by the cost of buying a Blue Maine Coon Cat, then you might be interested to read the following …

Understand why registered breeders charge a premium rate for this particular Blue Maine Coon Cat breed, compared to the average $50-100 (£41-81) that non-pedigree kittens cost.

Top reasons breeders charge more for Maine Coon cats:

a) Breeder and kitten registration costs

b) Initial purchase cost of pedigree kittens

c) Additional Vaccinations

d) Premium Diet

e) Maine Coons need more space

f) Large cat accessories cost more, i.e. cat towers 

g) Additional medical screenings

h) Vet pregnancy tests

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