Breeding Excellence: Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Illinois

We care deeply about the health, happiness, and wellbeing of our kittens and we know you are here because you are looking for the Gold Standard breeding excellence experience when choosing your new kitten. Because we are professional trainers as well as breeders, we have unique insight that helps us match the right Maine Coon to the right loving home. Here are a few things we include with each new kitten.

10 Year Health Guarantee
Unlike the typical 2-year guarantee other breeders offer, All our Maine Coon come with a 10-year hereditary health guarantee. The truth is most hereditary health problems don’t show any symptoms until past 2 years and typically around 4 or 5 years so we want to make sure your kitten is covered well beyond that time to give you and your new kitten a better sense of comfort.

Early Neuro Stimulation Program
Shortly after our kittens are born, we implement the Early Neurological Stimulation program which can help your kitten withstand higher stress and have a better immunity throughout their later life.

Proper Socialization
All our kittens are well adjusted to life during their time with us through proper socialization with people and other pets as well as new objects and sounds. This will help your kitten learn how to respond to and interact with these experiences appropriately and without fear. As part of our program we also implement sound adaption and conditioning under controlled conditions. This helps prepare your kitten for the “outside” world of unexpected noises and helps establish a very level headed dog unafraid of sudden or strange noises, which would otherwise frighten most cats. Most importantly, we implement daily routines of love and affection involving holding and cuddling. Because we are professional cat trainers as well as breeders, our experience helps us avoid mistakes as we set the stage for a very well balanced adult cat.

Maine Coon Temperament Testing
We conduct a kitten temperament test on every kitten when they reach 6 weeks of age. We provide a PDF report of the test results that you can use to help you choose the right kitten for your lifestyle. Under no circumstance do we allow depositors to choose their kitten before they have had a chance to review these test results.

Kitten Deworming
All Kittens are dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.

Up-to-date on Vaccinations
All kittens are up to date on their vaccinations. First vaccinations are administered at 6 weeks of age and if your kitten continues with us into the training program, we also cover the second round of vaccinations during their extra time with us.

Veterinary Health Examination
Before kittens go home, they make a visit to the veterinary clinic to have their health examined and ensure they are healthy enough to transition to their new home.

***We will accommodate your request to not have your kitten micro-chipped if that is your wish.

Kitten Images and Video
We provide high quality images of the kittens when they are born and at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age.

We only provide 1 current video of your kitten. In this video you will see what their temperament is like as they play with their siblings and new toys!

Kitten Care Package
Each kitten comes with a care package that includes a health exam, vaccination, and microchip record, as well as supplies and documentation needed to ensure a smooth and happy transition to their new home. Supplies include a collar, foods, leash, starter bag of kitten food, a blanket with momma’s scent, and her favorite toy to bring home!

Professional Kitten Obedience Training Available
Because we are also professional cat trainers, we offer kitten training that was designed specifically for small breeds. If you choose to enroll your kitten in our training program, they will extend their time with us as we teach basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, down, kennel, and no.