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maine coon cats for sale,maine coon cat for saleFinding a Maine coon online doesn’t have to be stressful—but with thousands of choices (many who are bad), that’s exactly how it feels. If you’re looking for an ethically and humanely Maine coon breeders, you’re right where you need to be!
Did you know… Maine Coons and Maine coon mix are more popular than ever before in history, and more people are loving life with our cat companions day by day.

The problem is… Getting a kitten is easier than ever. Buying a healthy, happy kitten from reputable Maine coon cat breeders is harder than ever. Cat mills, backyard Maine coon cat breeders and online con artists dupe families every day with mistreated, poorly bred and sickly cats.
The truth is… Weeding out these disreputable breeders is tough. Your average online search will turn up results both good and bad—but there’s often no way to tell the good breeders from the breeders who are only good at advertising.

Welcome to Pure Maine Coon Cattery( TICA Registered Cattery )

No mills. No backyard breeders. No scams. Pure Maine Coon Cattery vets and evaluates the nation’s top breeders and businesses so you don’t have to and our kittens are from champion bloodline, that is why they are not cheap. We approve fewer than 30% of applicants to buy our kitten because we want to make sure they go to the right families. Ready to bring home your dream kittie from us, breeder with integrity?

“Pure Maine Coon Cattery” is a home based family business that specializes on luxury, purebred Maine Coon and Maine coon mix cats, and kittens for sale. We have proudly provided U.S homes with furry bundles of love since June 2017. As you browse through our website, you will be able to find and even reserve purebreds Maine coon at not cheap but reasonable prices.

Your Maine coon cat breed is unique from day one, as we carefully pick perfectly matching cats for mating. By mating the best cats, the litter is absolutely exclusive. We breed all maine coon cats for sale in Maine in a warm domestic atmosphere, trying to teach them to be kind and loving. They are kept healthy by being fed natural vitamin-filled meals. They are also well trained since they use litter boxes and scratching posts at the earliest possible age. As soon as they are 10 weeks old, kittens receive vaccinations and are ready to move to a new home and become a part of a loving family. That is why people choose us and always ask about us and our Maine coon cats for sale in Maine.

We are delighted to choose and bring your new Maine coon cat breed kittens to you and help them get accustomed to a new family . We are also glad to advise our customers on all matters. The main aim of our cattery is to take care of our furry friends by matching them with a perfectly loving home. We pride ourselves in finding the best cats for our clients in the most hassle free way possible. Let us help you find your most desired companion!