Breed: Maine Coon
Sex: Male
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Registered: Yes
Breeding: Conditional
Quality: Show Quality
Ready to leave breeder house
Delivery: delivery to other states.
Food: Royal Canin Kitten.
Litter filler: wood pallets or paper pallets.

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Near Me

Meet Nelson, a delightful giant Maine coon kittens for sale raised in a loving environment alongside other pets, including adorable Chihuahuas. Nelson is not just a Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Near Me (You); he’s a bundle of joy, always ready to fill your life with endless purrs and snugly cuddles. You can also choose from our other available European Maine Coon Kittens for sale like, WEBB, NEGA, STILYAGA, DAIMOND and NOAH.

Giant Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

Price Ranges That Fit Your Budget: Your dream of owning a silver Maine coon kittens for sale is within reach with our prices ranging from $650 to $2500. These costs encompass essential features such as a spray or pet-only deal, comprehensive veterinary examination, age-appropriate vaccinations, TICA registration, microchip, and a FREE 30-day trial of TRUPANION pet insurance. Rest assured, our parent cats are DNA health tested N/N, ensuring the healthiest lineage.

Breeding Rights and Expertise: Every cat we offer comes spayed or neutered, reflecting our over 8 years of breeding expertise. For experienced breeders with a minimum of 6 years in the field, breeding rights may be discussed.

Seamless Shipping and Visits

Shipping Made Easy: Wondering about the logistics? Visit our shipping page for detailed information on how your precious giant Maine coon kittens for sale will be transported to your location. We offer two convenient methods:

  • Air Cargo Delivery: Priced at $250, this option ensures safe transportation to the nearest airport with American Airlines facilities. We handle the arrangements and provide all necessary details for a smooth collection process.
  • Nanny-Assisted Delivery: For $350, our courier accompanies your kitten throughout the journey, ensuring its comfort and well-being.

Home Visits and Cat Prosperity: While we cherish in-person pick-ups, TICA guidelines mandate that our Maine coons near me must be at least 8 weeks old before leaving our care. Your kitten’s well-being is paramount.

Responsible Main Coon For Sale Pet Care and Refund Policy

Raw Diet and Supplementation: We prioritize your Maine Coon’s health, and a raw diet plus essential supplementation (including Taurine and Joint Health Support) are essential for their well-being. If you’re committed to providing this care, read on.

Secure Your Kitten: A $450 deposit secures your chosen kitten, ensuring it’s exclusively yours. This deposit is both refundable and transferable, should you change your mind.

Refund and Return Policy: In the unfortunate event that your new pet is found unhealthy by a Licensed Veterinary Clinic upon acquisition, we’ll accept the return and issue a store credit. However, please note that buyer dissatisfaction, allergies, or other non-health-related reasons do not qualify for a refund.

Our Commitment: We’re dedicated to your pet’s future. Should you ever face challenges that prevent you from caring for your Maine coons near me, give us the opportunity to assist. We retain the right of first refusal to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Let’s Make It Happen! Apply Now For Your Adorable Main Coon For Sale

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of welcoming a silver Maine coon kittens for sale into your home, take the first step by reserving your future companion. A $450 deposit sets the stage, and the remaining payment is due on the day your silver Maine coon kittens for sale arrives at its new abode.

Remember, your journey into pet parenthood is about to get even more exciting with the addition of a charming Maine coons near me. Don’t miss out on this chance to bring warmth, joy, and endless cuddles into your life. Contact us now to start your feline adventure!

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