If you’re seeking a lifelong companion who will captivate your heart and enrich your life, Webb is the perfect choice. Experience the joy of nurturing a Maine Coon that exudes elegance, intelligence, and unwavering love.

Breed: Maine Coon
Sex: Female
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Registered: Yes
Breeding: Conditional
Quality: Show Quality
Ready to leave breeder house
Delivery: delivery to other states.
Food: Royal Canin Kitten.
Litter filler: wood pallets or paper pallets.

Maine Coon Near Me

Meet Webb, the charming Maine Coon Near Me (you) with the most enchanting copper eyes. Raised lovingly in our home alongside other pets, children, and constant cuddles, Webb is the embodiment of mellow and laid-back temperament. Also, as she matures, her coat transitions into a stunning black smoke pattern, making her even more captivating. Get the best price of a Maine coon cat and other benefits when you buy from Freyja’s Maine Coons. These cats are amongst the cat breed that have a very long life span, read more here!

Price Of A Maine Coon Cat

At our cattery, we offer a range of pricing options tailored to your preferences. The cost of welcoming Webb into your family ranges from $450 to $2500. This comprehensive package includes essential features such as a spray or pet-only deal, a health warranty, thorough veterinarian examination, age-appropriate vaccinations, TICA registration certificate, complete vaccination record, a travel carrier, microchip, and an exclusive 30-day trial of TRUPANION pet insurance. Moreover, our feline parents are DNA health tested N/N, ensuring the healthiest lineage.

Breeding Rights and Experience

With over 8 years of experience, we firmly believe in responsible breeding practices. All our white Maine coon kittens for sale leave our care spayed or neutered, ensuring the wellbeing of both the kittens and the broader feline community. For experienced breeders with 6+ years of experience, breeding rights are available.

Seamless Transport: Bringing Gaya Home

Transporting Webb to your loving home is a smooth process. Our shipping page provides detailed information about the shipment procedure tailored to your location.

While we value in-person connections, we reserve home visits for kitten pick-ups, aligning with TICA guidelines. The health and happiness of our kittens are our utmost priority.

Essential Diet and Supplementation

To ensure the optimal health of your white Maine coon kittens for sale, we recommend a raw diet supplemented with essential nutrients like Taurine and Joint Health Support. Your commitment to their wellbeing sets the foundation for a lifetime of companionship.

Tailored Delivery Options: Convenience at Its Best

Choose the perfect delivery option that suits your needs:

  • Air Cargo Delivery: For $250, Gaya will be transported to the nearest airport serviced by American Airlines. We handle flight arrangements and provide all necessary details for a smooth pick-up.
  • Nanny-Assisted Delivery: Opt for the utmost care and comfort with this service, where our courier accompanies Webb personally. This option costs $350, with exceptions based on destination.

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of $450 secures Webb exclusively for you, ensuring no one else can adopt her, read more about our adoption process here. The deposit is both refundable and transferable. The final payment is due upon Webb’s arrival at her new forever home. Contact us for any questions or advice, we are always available to help.

Refund Policy and Care

We stand by the health and happiness of our kittens:

  • If  Webb is found unhealthy at the time of acquisition (confirmed by a Licensed Veterinary Clinic), we accept her return and provide store credit for the amount paid.
  • While we prioritize your satisfaction, cases like allergies, toilet training issues, or dissatisfaction don’t qualify for refunds or compensation.
  • In situations where you’re unable to care for Webb, we reserve the right of first refusal to ensure her well-being.

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