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Maine Coon Mix With Siamese | Everything You Need To Know

Strange fact, it is said that only 2% of Maine Coon cats are fully pure. At some point in time, the Maine Coon mixed with other breeds and now, most of the Maine Coons now have a portion of something else in them. The Maine Coon Mix With Siamese are the two most recognizable breeds of cats today. When they are combined, as in bred with each other, the result is likely one of the most intelligent, affectionate and talkative of the feline family. However, it is not possible to tell you what the kitten will look like when it grows older.

One thing that you need to know before you rush out and buy one is that this mixed breed not only loves affection, they need it. They love their humans, and they love to be loved. Quite likely much more than your average lovable cat.

There is a slight issue, since a kitten will inherit genes from each parent, you do not know which one will be the most prominent in looks. You could end up with a kitten that favors the Maine Coon parent, one that favors the Siamese parent, or if you are really lucky a perfect blend of both.

The cat is outgoing, loves people, most of the time and really wants affection. As much as some people would like, it is not a guarantee how these kittens will turn out. We cannot determine how this mixed breed will look. Genetics and heredity play the roles and all those chromosomes and genes within will fall into place where they should.

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To be honest, even a reputable breeder will not venture a guess as to how the offspring will look. If you are dealing with someone who claims to be reputable, yet tells you he or she can determine which gene will be more prominent, he is fibbing. Do not continue to deal with this person.  The cost of these mixed kittens is still a hefty price. You will still spend upwards of $150. Some will run up to possibly $400.

Temperament and Smarts Of Maine Coon Mix With Siamese

These two breeds are quite similar in temperament and intelligence. They would do wonderfully in a family where there is always someone home. Both of these breeds love to talk, the Siamese is a little more needing of affection. Do not mistake that though, they both want and need affection. It is possible that a kitten of this mix could very easily develop a condition known as separation anxiety.

Although they will both talk your ear off, the Siamese is louder and more vocal. They are both social enough to deal with guests who come to visit. They are confident animals. They love to interact and play, especially with children. However, the children should be taught to step away when the cat stops playing. Both of these separate breeds enjoy their alone time, but mixed, they demand to be left alone for a little while.

The combination of breeds does signify that the cat will get along well with other animals. This is ideal in a home with more than one pet. It is like the Maine Coon Siamese blend has a constant companion, a friend. They will never truly be alone unless they choose.

The only pet that should be of any concern would be guinea pigs, hamsters, the rodent type of animals. This is because the Maine Coon has a very high and strong instinct for hunting prey. This is something in them, the gene cannot be removed. Even if the cat is bought as a kitten, kept indoors and away from anything that resembles prey, they still maintain that instinct of hunting.

Feeding and Daily Needs

This aspect will matter quite a bit in the mixed breed like this. If your furry baby takes after the Maine Coon side, he will mature slower than most other breeds. The diet is actually similar for both. They do both need a daily diet of a high protein, highly nutritious food specifically made for kittens. After the first year, the veterinarian will be able to tell you if your cat can be switched to an adult version of food. You do want a high quality food that lists real meat protein as the first ingredient.


All cats need exercise, and this mixed combination of Maine Coon and Siamese has plenty of energy. They need activities and room to run that will help them wear some energy off. You should plan at least half an hour to interact with your Maine Coon Siamese mix. Also, be sure to have some interactive toys that they can get to when you are not at home. This way they can somewhat entertain themselves for a short time also.

This mix, like many others, enjoys boxes to crawl in, places that they can climb high. You may even want to consider an outdoor play area for them. If at all possible, be sure to have  something over the top so that your furry friend does not become prey for a larger predator. When an indoor cat becomes bored, and there is no one playing with them, they may develop those bad behaviors including scratching  furniture, or even spraying or urinating in the places that they should not.

These cats are easily litter box trained due to their high intelligence. As long as the humans do their task and keep the box cleaned for the cat, there should be no issues of messes everywhere else. These smart cats may also learn some tricks, if you use positive reinforcement training.


Grooming could become a challenge, or not. This will all depend on which parent your baby takes after. If the cat has taken after the Maine Coon side, there will be some needed brushing, more so than that of the Siamese side. During the Spring and Fall, you may want to throw in an extra brushing for the cat, no matter if they have long fur or short fur. Molting seasons create hair issues.

A normal part of grooming should be checking the ears and the cat’s nails routinely. Dental issues can be a problem for your cat. Brushing the teeth for your cat may be beneficial for the cat at least once a week.


For the general population of cats, the mixed breeds are generally healthier than purebred breeds. There are, of course, some diseases that many cats are predisposed to. With that being said, the Siamese may be a little more prone to being affected. Mixed breeds may be a little more healthy, but they still could become sick. Regular checkups with the veterinarian are highly suggested and recommended.

You should be sure that you have a regular veterinarian so that when you have questions or concerns, they can be answered by a trained vet who deals with felines. Some of the minor issues that can plague this mixed breed include, but are not limited to:

  • Obesity
  • Feline Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma

On the more major side of medical issues, some of the more dangerous, possible fatal diseases include:

This is not to say that all of the cats in this mixed breed will end up with these.  There is just as equal a chance the cat you have will not inherit any of the genes that cause these. The only way that you will know what is possible is by having a DNA test completed.

Comparing Male to Female

The males of this mix are generally more affectionate, especially if he has been fixed. The  male cats are usually just a little larger than the females. So, think about this, if you have a male, who takes after the Maine Coon side of the parentage, there may be a very large cat. Females are much more independent than their male counterparts. The females may even choose to not mingle with guests when they come to visit.

You must remember that all cats have their own minds. Their temperaments may not be what is considered common for the breed. With a mixed breed such as a Maine Coon and the Siamese, I am pretty sure that your cat will be friendly. This usually will not change unless something negative has happened to the cat that caused it to change.

Another aspect that we can tell you is that the Siamese is long and lean, with gorgeous markings. The Maine Coon is more robust, with long fur. They can mix and come out with any type of combinations of personality and temperament.

Colorings and Size

The colorings may vary from Smoky to solid. Tortoiseshell, bicolored or even tabby like in appearance. The size of this mix will vary between 8 inches to 40 inches. They will grow to be 8 to 18 pounds, and the life span of these beautiful babies is on average 8 to 15 years.


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