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Are you living in the UK and decided you want to own a Maine Coon? If so, you have come to the right place as this article lists the key places to adopt or buy Maine Coon kittens for sale for the most affordable Maine Coon Price.

Owning a Maine Coon cat has never been easier!

Maine Coons are the 4th most popular cat breed in the UK, so budget around £400 to £2500 for your Maine Coon kitten. This cat breed is in high demand, often desired for its wide-ranging colors and patterns. Rare Maine Coon colors and patterns will cost more. Buy from registered Maine Coon cat breeders like , or adopt from a Maine Coon rescue center.

Cats make great pets due to their low-maintenance needs and the high-companionship value they provide.

Maine Coon cats are family-friendly, whilst also social and communicative. In addition, their gorgeous looks, curious and intelligent nature, and hardy health record make them ideal pets to own.

In this article, you will discover more on what you need to know about Maine Coon cats, and how best to prepare your home for their arrival. Read through our frequently asked questions page if you have any doubts. All Time Registered Maine Coon Breeders You Can Trust. In the UK, the most trusted Maine Coon Breeder we have worked with is

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

Affordable Maine Coon Price In UK Only From Giant Maine Coon Cattery.

Maine Coons are one of the oldest native cat breeds in the U.S., existing since the 1800s.

Some theorists believe this feline breed came from hard-working ship cats, possibly related to the long-haired Norwegian Forest cats which were brought to the state of Maine by European seafarers in the 1850s.

It is thought that these cats mated with the local short-haired cats, producing offspring that were:

These cats were named so from their U.S. state of origin and have a unique and beautifully distinctive appearance.

Maine Coon cats were prized for their excellent hunting skills and featured in special cat shows in the 1860s.

They have also been prized in cat shows all over the world, especially around the turn of the 19th century.

However, these big were only imported into the UK in the 1980s.

The Maine Coon cat is hugely popular for its:

  • Illustrious background
  • Stunning looks
  • Inquisitive and intelligent nature
  • Impressive size
  • Hardy health record
  • People-friendliness

These factors make this cat breed an ideal household pet not only to show off but also to enjoy as another distinctive member of your household.

Maine Coons are rugged and solidly-built, and come in the following colorings:

  • Solid White
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

They are also available in the following Maine Coon patterns:

  • Tabby
  • Bi-Color
  • Particolor
  • Chocolate
  • Lavender
  • Shaded
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Himalayan (pointed)
  • Calico

They are popularly known as gentle giants because, despite their huge size, they are gentle, amiable, and communicatively sociable.

Can You Buy Maine Coon Cats In The UK?

The quick answer is ‘Yes’.

However, adoption is the most desirable and preferred route for owning a Maine coon cat price since there are thousands of cats in need that would love to be part of a loving home.

Adopting could also save you quite a lot of money as well!

Adoption is recommended not only because it is less expensive, but also because you can save a Maine Coon from:

  • Cruelty
  • Abandonment
  • Help End Unethical Breeding
  • Give Mixed Maine Coon Breeds A Second Chance

However, the clear downside to this process is that you will not get a detailed history of your Maine Coon’s genetics.

Read here why a Maine Coon cat’s genetics are important.

If you are hoping to own a purebred, you might be saddened to learn that finding a purebred Maine Coon in cat shelters is also hard to come by.

However, owners keen to ensure they only buy a healthy purebred Maine Coon cat should contact their local registered Maine Coon cat breeder.

Affordable Maine Coon Price is definitely the easier and safer way to make sure you are getting a purebred Maine Coon kitten that has had the correct:

  • Health Checks
  • Health History
  • Screening
  • Diet
  • Genetics
  • Breeding Conditions

Expect to pay a substantial premium for a Maine Coon kitten purchased from a registered breeder, though.

These are the costs a breeder will ask you to pay.

Cat Registry Bodies

If you are wondering how do you know if a Maine Coon breeder is reputable, or not, start by checking that they are registered with the following cat registry bodies.

In the UK, there are 4 cat registry bodies:

  • The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)
  • The International Cat Association (TICA)
  • Felis Britannica (a UK branch of the Federation Internationale Feline or FIFe)
  • The Cat Fancy Association (CFA)

GCCF is a UK-only registry, while the rest have international coverage.

How To Buy A Maine Coon Kitten In The UK

You can purchase a Maine Coon kitten either from a shelter by adoption or from a registered Maine Coon cat breeder.

A list of UK rescue and homing centers can be found here.

However, as already discussed, if you want to find purebred Maine Coon kittens for sale in UK, it is better to purchase from registered Maine Coon breeders to avoid potential scams and cat health issues.

Buying A Maine Coon Kitten Tips

Below are 9 crucial tips that you should follow when buying a Maine Coon kitten.

Make sure you always ask the cattery or breeder these questions, before you buy your kitten:

1. Breeder Credentials

You should only adopt or buy Maine Coon kittens from trusted rescue centers/shelters or registered breeders.

These organizations should be registered with any of the 4 cat registry bodies listed at the start of this article.

Ask the seller as many questions as you can, including about:

  • Kittens they are selling
  • Kittens of past litters
  • Kittens the Dam has produced
  • Kittens genealogy
  • Vaccination history/records
  • How the kittens were taken care of
  • Past reviews from previous buyers

2. Cattery/Breeder Facilities

To be compliant with UK law, catteries and breeders must have a cat boarding license.

So, does the breeder or shelter have a cat boarding license from the UK government?

Is the cattery or breeder considered low-risk?

For example, does the cattery or breeder meet the minimum standards of a 3-star rating and 2-year license or the higher standards of a 5-star rating and 3-year license?

Generally, when you visit their facility, note the cat’s physical provisions:

  • Adequate Heat
  • Light
  • Ventilation
  • Food Given
  • Vaccinations
  • Records
  • Care

3. Kitten’s Parents

Make sure you ask the breeder the following questions:

  • Have the parents produced a litter before?
  • How many kittens were there in the litter?
  • How many litters has the queen or dam produced so far?
  • How many liters does the dam produce each year?

Keep in mind that a female Maine Coons first few litters are usually between 1 to 3 kittens, whereas their subsequent litters average 4 to 5 kittens each time.

It is worth noting at this point though that some Maine Coons can produce up to 12 kittens in a single litter, although this is rare.

The more litter a dam produces each year and the more kittens per litter, the less likely its body is able to recover healthily.

You should look for a kitten born within the average litter size figures stated above.

It is recommended that you also meet the dam with the rest of the litter, so you can see for yourself whether some are sickly or not, as well as how you interact with them.

4. Kitten Registration/Paperwork

Purebred Affordable Maine Coon Kittens Price come with their pedigree paperwork which vouches for their pedigree status.

Papers are issued by the Maine coon prices cat registry certifying that the kitten has been bred by two pedigreed Maine Coon cats on active status in the registry.

5. Has The Kitten Been Neutered/Spayed?

Unneutered Maine Coon males and unspayed Mane Coon females can be very difficult to raise as household pets, simply because when they are in heat, they can display difficult behavior.

This is the best age to neuter a Maine Coon kitten.

Reputable breeders neuter/spay their Maine Coon kittens between 4 to 6 months old and before leaving their homes.

Neutering males also help prevent them from contracting testicular cancer and lowers the risk of prostate issues.

Spaying females helps prevent:

  • Uterine Infections
  • Cancer
  • Lowers their risk for breast cancer

6. Kitten’s Health

Check that your intended kitten has been screened for the following Maine Coon Price health problems:

Click on the links above to learn more about each specific cat health issue, the symptoms to watch out for, and the best way to treat each condition.

It is definitely worth reading these guides as they are common ailments that affect the Maine coon cat price cat breed.

Other probable genetic ailments that your kitten should be screened for are:

You should also ask the cattery or breeder about the kitten’s vaccination record.

In short, the Maine Coon kitten should have been vaccinated against the following conditions:

  • Enteritis
  • Calicivirus
  • Rabies
  • Rhinotracheitis
  • Panleukopenia

If your kitten will be spending a lot of time outdoors or will be in contact with other cats, it should also be vaccinated against Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).

Inquire about the kitten’s veterinarian. Ask for their phone number so you can verify the kitten’s medical history.

7. Flea Treatments

It is very hard to get rid of fleas once they have entered your household.

Fleas can cause allergic dermatitis and transmit other parasites to your kitten and possibly even kill her. They can also attack humans.

Therefore, ask whether your intended kitten has had flea treatments, or not.

If it has not been treated, this is how to apply a flea treatment to a Maine Coon cat.

8. Socialization

Although Maine coon prices are known for their people-friendliness by nature, how they were socialized in the first few weeks of their lives greatly influences their personalities.

An ideal socialization program should involve good experiences with a variety of kittens and people, and an enriching variety of stimulating activities for them.

9. Microchipping

Microchipping involves implanting a microchip under the skin of your kitten as a means of identification.

The microchip number, along with your and your kitten’s data, is recorded in the microchip database registry.

This is recommended especially if you are new at keeping pets, and will help you if your kitten gets lost.

Reputable breeders often implant a microchip in their Maine coon cats price even before they leave their homes, so ask your breeder about this, too.

Where To Buy Maine Coon Cats At The Most Affordable Maine Coon Kittens Price In UK

You can buy Maine Coon cats in UK from 3 sources:

We shall now take a closer look at each of these purchasing methods.

If you cannot wait, just click on the purchasing method of your choice above to jump straight to the information.


If you want a pure Maine Coon for sale, it is best to go to a registered cat breeder.

Make sure your intended kitten or cat is on the active registry.

For a list of breeders who have agreed to abide by the GCCF Code of Ethics for Breeders and Owners, visit the

The GCCF also has its own list of registered breeders on its website, covering not only Maine Coons but 31 other cat breeds.

The MCCC makes it clear that it does not endorse any particular breeder.

They recommend that potential new owners should personally visit the breeders they are interested in, and use their judgment in purchasing.

The MCCC advises that generally, when you purchase your kitten, it should be in good health, at least 13 weeks old, and fully vaccinated.

The breeder must provide you with the following upon collection:

  • A Pedigree
  • Registration Certificate
  • Diet Sheet
  • Vaccination Record

Rescue Centers/Shelters

It is rare to find purebreds at rescue centers or shelters, however, the Maine Coon Cat Club does specialize in Maine Coon Rescue UK.

Most of the cats they feature have no known medical or behavior problems but it is still up to you to chat with the owner to find this out.

Cats cannot be sold through its website; they are offered free of charge, although the club accepts donations for the veterinary bills of the cats being rehomed.

Pet Shops

Some pet stores that sell pure-breed cats and dogs may offer Maine coon cats price, but they are hard to find.

Maine coon cat price are rare in certain areas and can be expensive to maintain while waiting to be sold.

Pets4Homes offers an online portal for pet buyers and sellers and aims to provide a safe environment to negotiate the buying and selling of pets while promoting animal welfare.

You can create a free account here and explore its features, but be warned that many backyard breeders will operate on this online forum so always proceed with caution.

Registered Maine Coon Breeders In The UK

The best place to buy Maine Coon kittens is from registered breeders in the UK.

Look on the GCCF website, it will show you a map of all GCCF-registered Maine Coon breeders in the UK

Click on any pin on the map to get details on:

  • GCCF Score
  • Breeder Name
  • Breeds Bred
  • Prefixes
  • Location
  • Membership Number
  • Website

Maine Coon Price –  Kittens For Sale Near Me

You can download the complete list and directory of GCCF-registered breeders countrywide, by visiting The Maine Coon Cat Club (MCCC).

The directory contains breeder contact details, breeding details, and prefixes.


If you are looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale London, tap on the same link since London is situated in southeastern England.

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In Scotland

The Maine Coon Cat Club currently lists a registry of 10 Maine Coon breeders in Scotland found in these areas:

  • Aberdeenshire
  • Angus
  • Ayrshire
  • Dumfries
  • Galloway
  • Edinburgh
  • East Lothian
  • FIFE

The registry contains the breeder’s name, area, telephone number, email, and website address.


Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In Wales

If you are looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale in South Wales UK, the Maine Coon Cat Club also currently lists a registry of only 1 breeder in the western part of Wales:

How Much Is A Maine Coon Kitten In The UK?

To determine how much is Maine Coon kitten in the UK, it depends on several factors like their:

  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Fur Color
  • Breeder

A Maine Coon kitten in the UK costs between £400 to £2,500.

On average, adoption costs £80 to £320, while buying your kitten from a breeder would cost around £645 to £2,500.

Initial set-up and supplies will cost potential owners between £280 to £1,000. These costs include:

  • Pet license
  • Spay/neuter costs
  • Vet exam and shots
  • Flea/tick prevention
  • Microchip
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Cat bed
  • Nail clipper
  • Brush
  • Litter box
  • Litter scoop
  • Maine Coon Toys
  • Cat Carrier
  • Food
    • Water Bowls

    Monthly maintenance costs of a Maine Coon are estimated at £70 to £350 (source 1).

    This cost includes:

    • Health Care
    • Food
    • Grooming
    • Vet Visits
    • Medication
    • Pet Insurance
    • Environment Maintenance
    • Entertainment

Giant Maine Coon Price – Kittens For Sale

Giant Maine coon cat price fetch a starting price of £600, but will often cost potential owners far more.

When full-grown, a giant Maine Coon male can weigh as much as 25 lbs or more!

You may find a giant Maine Coon kitten from a hobby breeder of purebred cats, such as Maine Coons Edenmaine.

Blue Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

Blue Maine Coons are stunning, and not as rare as one would expect.

They come in various shades of blue and gray but are collectively classified as “blue” by the Cat Fanciers Association.

They fetch a cost of £800 to £2,500 per kitten.

Wild Blue, a TICA-registered Maine Coon breeder in the UK, specializes in offering blue Maine Coons and therapy cats for sale.

Where To Find Maine Coon Kittens For Free

If the purchase price is a current obstacle, you can also find Maine Coon kittens for free.

You can find free Maine Coon kittens for adoption from:

  • Cat Shelters
  • Rescue Centers
  • Cat Cafes
  • Maine Coon Organizations
  • Social Media Groups
  • Veterinarians
  • Breeders

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