Review for Aida
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Thank you so much for safely delivering Aida to us. The Waite was little bit long but it was worth it. thank you!!!!
Review for Lord
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I can’t begin to tell you how much joy he has brought to us both and our whole family has fallen in love with him. My parents have shown signs of interest in getting a kitten after all these years without a pet. He has been a great little addition to our place.

Review for Lordish
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Emma and husband are truly dedicated to these cats/kittens! The love, care, patience, & time they put into their cats & kittens shows. We were on a waiting list for a year before we got the exciting news, that it was our place on the list to pick a kitten. We were beyond ecstatic!We brought our added addition to our family home on November 1st, 2020. He is the absolute sweetest most fun loving cat! Very playful, full of spunk, & personality, we LOVE him SO much. He was more than worth the wait! I am so happy we found Pure Maine Coon Cattery, and plan on being put back on the waiting list to add onto our growing family. I recommend pure maine coon cattery to everyone I know thats inquiring into getting a mainecoon!!

Review for Oskar

I can’t say enough positive things about Pure Maine Coons! From the minute we first inquired all the way until the day we picked up our kitten, they kept us informed, updated, and “a part of” our new addition’s life. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone. As a matter of fact, I have a feeling we will be a repeat customer! Thanks again Emma.

Review for Kizza

I found the most AMAZING cattery when I came across Pure Maine Coon Cattery! They are intimate, loving and extremely knowledgeable!!! Our black maine coon is 4 months old now and he is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!� I highly recommend them!

Review for Benza

If my friend, Emma is involved, this is a stand up company that takes care of each fur baby with the greatest love and tenderness.

Review for Albus

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! From the first call saying we were interested to having our sweet boy now, Emma has been amazing. We adopted a blue tabby male and he is everything we could want and more. The kittens, studs and queens are so well cared for by Emma and her husband. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a high quality Maine Coon kitten!

Review for Fisher

Emma has raised the most amazing kitten for us. Fisher has the best temperament and is so loving.